Unify Ad Channels and Processes & Perform Ad Spends in a single tool

We bring an innovative solution to the measurement of all traffic resources and perform ad spends of our users' ad channels in a single tool.

Who We Are

Persona is a start-up focusing on real-time management problems of e-commerce companies' ad spends in all digital channels by its single solid and robust SaaS tool.

Founders of Persona have vast experience and success stories in managing technology companies, software development, and product management. Founders have achieved scaling of B2B SaaS solutions globally, designing scalable architectures for software products and offering innovative performance marketing solutions.


We love your problems and accept the challenge of solving them!

Manage and tune all ad channels and processes in one place in real-time

-All digital ad channels such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, Criteo, etc.

-Data from Influencer and affiliate marketing.

-Data from portals and content marketing.

-E-mail, SMS, web push, app push, and web activities of users.

Target Buyer Personas

By bringing together your data, Persona creates real-time audiences and "buyer personas" to target the right customer with the right message at the right time.

Get possession and efficiency of your data

Consumer privacy expectations and recent laws and regulations prevent using third-party data. Regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and leading ad players' decisions, such as Google's commitment to sunsetting third-party cookies at the end of 2021, are some examples of this trend. Persona gathers only your first-party data and gives you a solid tool that you possess, and exploit your own data in your analysis and take real-time actions by the same tool.

One-click integrations

Integrate all of your advertising channels and marketing tools into our system with one click without any effort.

Measure Influencer ROI

Persona provides tools to measure the ROI from Influencer and Affiliate marketing campaigns by intermediating the campaign process with its deep-links. It makes the campaigns' performance visible to both parties; influencers, affiliates, and campaign managers.


Persona offers easy-to-use innovative solutions for its customers.

Search engine marketing

Social media marketing

Influencer marketing

Affiliate marketing

Email, SMS, push notifications

Performance marketing


Content marketing

Display ads

Mobile marketing

Recruit Persona and Start to Save Immediately

The majority of our target users are losing money because they cannot manage their ad spends efficiently. Those who invest in these areas use multiple tools and recruit lots of analysts and engineers to convert the vast data into information and then take necessary actions. Persona relieves real pains by its solid SaaS solution. "Recruiting" Persona.so instead of hiring lots of people, proposes a value to our target users to focus on their core activities.

Additional benefits of using Persona

Built-in integrations

Persona offers built-in integrations to primary SMS, web push, and e-mail providers.

Feed integrations

Persona offers built-in feed integrations.

Metasearch integrations

Persona offers built-in metasearch integrations.

History API (Beta)

To be released soon

Api Gateway (Beta)

To be released soon

Influencer marketplace (Beta)

To be released soon